Cupping and Scraping


Cupping is generally done in Thai medicine to release tight fascia, release excess heat, help scar tissue, disperse stagnation, and release excess waste. I generally use glass cups but also use silicone. Glass cups require fire in order to create suction. 


Scraping has similar functions to cupping and can be used in areas that cups cannot. Scraping is also more superficial than cupping. Scraping is done with various tools, Ioften use a porcelain soup spoon. Scraping, like cupping, is used for releasing adhesions, helping scar tissue, though cupping is better for this, releasing accumulated waste, dispersing stagnation, and releasing tight facia. Scraping brings up to 400% more blood flow to the area. Scraping is also good when a person is getting sick, already sick, has a "crick" in their neck, has heatstroke, or a headache. 


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